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My Digital Dentures

Kulzer has revolutionized the way laboratories process dentures. Now, you have the control to produce a digitally designed denture right in your laboratory.

  • The first digital solution integrated with precise CAD/CAM premium and economy teeth and a 3D printed prototype for an extremely accurate denture.
  • Choose either a premium digital denture featuring Mondial®/Mondial i teeth or an economy* digital denture featuring Artic® Digital teeth.
  • Freedom to use your laboratory's preferred workflow prior to setup (scan models with bite rims; no special impression trays needed)
  • Increase productivity, and grow profits, by streamlining your laboratory's approach to removable dentistry.
  • Multiple processing techniques available, including press pack, pouring and injection.

Revolutionizing the denture process. Again.


  • Types of cases accepted:
    • Traditional case you want to set up digitally
    • Immediate dentures
    • Duplicate/copy dentures
    • Implant overdentures
  • The Pala Digital Design Center will create your digital setup and design, and provide a 3D PDF for approval.
  • Your lab, or The Pala Digital Denture Lab can print the 3D prototype.* Or select the new stabilized wax prototype.
  • Your lab produces, customizes and finishes, allowing you to control the quality of the final denture.
  • Your lab will have access to personalized marketing materials to help promote your laboratory's digital denture.

*3D printers must be validated by The Pala Digital Denture Lab.


  1. Learn the Pala Digital Denture System so your lab can start processing and finishing digital dentures.
  2. Learn about the prototype process and setting expectations with your clinician partners.
  3. Learn the selling conversation about digital dentures.
  4. Learn about the scanning process, and best practices for uploading files.
  5. Learn how to use the online portal, and access all the educational materials and marketing support available to your laboratory.
Contact your Kulzer sales representative for available training dates and locations.

My Digital Denture processing allows for skilled technical labor to focus on other critical or specialized cases.

Times in lab may vary, these calculations are based on National Average Data (2015 LMT).
Additional processes, such as press pack and pouring are available.

Recommended products used in the My Digital Denture Processing System

All necessary materials and equipment will be discussed during hands-on training.

* Please note pricing may be subject to change due to laboratory pricing. If you have questions on pricing, please consult with your laboratory partner.