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Returns and Exchanges

Remake Policy

The cost for fabricating custom made dental appliances cannot be refunded. A credit may be issued by Kulzer directly to an authorized Pala Digital Denture Laboratory Partner's account when cases do not met Kulzer's standards for quality, function and aesthetics.

Remake Policy
All remakes will be at no charge if received within 30 days of the invoice date except under the following circumstances:

  1. Kulzer inquired about the impression and or prototype. However, the dentist and/or laboratory approved and requested completion of the case.
  2. Kulzer or Lab suggested a prototype, but the dentist declined and asked for a completed case.
  3. There is a shade or product change different from the original request.
  4. The case was cancelled after fabrication was initiated. Fabrication starts the day Kulzer receives the scans from Pala Digital Denture Partner. The case will remain billed at partial cost.

If the request for remake meets one of the above criteria, Kulzer will charge the laboratory/dentist $300 for a Full upper and lower denture and $150 for a single arch.

Warranty Policy / Return Procedures

  1. Limited Warranty of Dentures. Kulzer provides the following warranty for the Products when the Products are used properly in the applications for which they were intended:
    1. Pala Digital Denture trays are warranted for a period of six (6) months after the date the trays are received by the Dentist (the "Warranty Period") as follows: Kulzer will repair or replace, in its sole discretion, the Pala trays, lip ruler, jaw gauge, Pala Tracers, and demo denture models found defective within the Warranty Period. Kulzer may refund the full amount received for materials if found defective within two (2) weeks of the date the trays are received by the Dentist.
    2. In addition, during the 1 year warranty term of your denture, we will repair, free-of-charge, any break, crack, or fracture, replace, free-of-charge, any tooth loss that results of a flaw in workmanship. However, we will not reconstruct, repair, or reline or replace the denture, free-of-charge, due to any of the following: loss, discoloration, excessive wear (for example, excessive grinding of teeth), neglect or abuse, improper care or handling, accidents, modifications, unauthorized repairs, or other causes which are not defects in material and workmanship.

Any and all warranties will be void, if dental prosthesis is repaired with glue or any self-repair kit during the warranty period.

* Please note pricing may be subject to change due to laboratory pricing. If you have questions on pricing, please consult with your laboratory partner.