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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I provide high-quality dentures in just two visits?

The first time you order Pala Digital Dentures, we include an interim step—providing a prototype denture to help fine-tune the process. Once you're confident in taking impressions for digital dentures, that step is no longer necessary, and you can have final dentures made directly from the impression. After that, you can take an impression during the first patient visit and deliver final dentures at the next. The Pala 3D system captures all the anatomical landmarks needed to map the midline, occlusion, lip line and smile line and craft beautifully fitting dentures.

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What is the lead time for prototypes and final dentures?

Generally speaking, prototypes and final dentures are shipped to your lab in about three to five business days after we receive the order from your laboratory. If you go straight to a final denture, we will ship to your Pala Digital Laboratory in about five business days after we receive the impression scan from your lab.

Please note — Pala Digital Denture processing time stated above does not include day of receipt and shipping.

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What do I need to start a denture case?

You'll need a tray set, including maxillary and mandibular trays of one size, and a lip ruler. There are no other costs or products needed to begin using the Pala Digital Denture system.

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What is included in the starter kit?

Every starter kit comes with two of each tray size (S, M, L and XL), lip ruler, jaw gauge and 5 Pala tracers. The lip ruler and jaw gauge can be reused—only the trays need to be replenished.

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How do I order more trays?

You can order trays online via our products page or through your Pala dealer.

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Are the trays adjustable?

The trays cannot be adjusted with hot water, but they can be altered with a blow torch.

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Can the denture be tried in the patient's mouth to check fit and cosmetics?

Absolutely. You can always request a prototype at no additional cost. This semi-clear prototype version includes full teeth setup, so it can be used to check the midline, occlusion, fit, retention and aesthetics.

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Can I order single-arch cases?

Yes. Please note that you must use a separate uni-attachment for the bite, and provide a stone cast of the opposing side. Please contact us if you have any questions before starting a single-arch case.

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Does Pala provide implant overdentures?

Yes. We can create all-on-fours and locator-based implant overdentures. Please contact us for more details before starting your implant overdenture case to ensure accuracy from impression to final delivery.

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How do you determine the patient's midline?

The Pala system determines the most accurate anatomical midline for every denture impression we receive. In cases where the patient's face is distorted and you need to identify the midline based on aesthetics, you can easily mark it on the tray.

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How do you calculate the lip support?

Years of extensive research has shown that lip support can be averaged and accurately measured using the anatomical landmarks in the patient's mouth. In addition, lip support is calculated automatically within our patented tray system, adjusted specifically to the patient.

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Can the denture be repaired or relined?

Certainly—Pala dentures are composed of acrylic materials and acrylic teeth, so they can be repaired and relined just like conventional dentures, in the conventional manner.

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Is there a warranty on the dentures?

Kulzer stands behind all Pala products, and will provide a full refund on dentures returned within six weeks due to dissatisfaction with the denture's fit or quality. In addition, we provide a one-year warranty on trays, beginning the date received. This warranty ensures that Pala products are free from defects in material and workmanship when used properly in the applications for which they were intended.

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Do you remake final dentures if they need adjustment?

Remakes of final dentures can be provided as necessary for 33% less than the original price. Remakes should be requested within six weeks of delivery, and the denture being remade must be returned for quality control review before the remake can be processed.

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* Please note pricing may be subject to change due to laboratory pricing. If you have questions on pricing, please consult with your laboratory partner.