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Become a Pala Digital Denture Laboratory

Be a part of the digital revolution in removable dentistry by offering your dentists the complete line of Pala Digital Denture products that is changing removable dentistry.

Exclusive Lab Partner Benefits:

The Pala Digital Denture solution is a perfect way for you to expand your services and increase your bottom line. We're revolutionizing the denture process.

  • The only solution with CAD/CAM designed and manufactured teeth, for extremely accurate dentures
  • Faster processing time (10 days or less*) enables higher throughput and profit margins for you and your customers.
  • Precision fit and comfort means more satisfied customers—and more business for your lab.
  • Rapid startup and full Kulzer support makes it easy to enter the denture market to serve more dental practices
  • Incorporate the impression scanning process into your digital workflow with limited technician labor.
  • Cut expenses and grow profits by streamlining your laboratory's approach to removable dentistry.
  • 3d viewer prior to final case—less remakes

Sign Up Today by contacting your local Kulzer Sales Rep or contact our Customer Service Team for more information. 1-800-343-5336 or email

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* Please note pricing may be subject to change due to laboratory pricing. If you have questions on pricing, please consult with your laboratory partner.