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Pala Digital Denture: Bringing Greater Innovation to Your Laboratory and Practice.

Pala Digital Dental is proud to offer the world's most advanced denture solutions to you and your patients. As part of the Kulzer family, we are dedicated to providing superior dental prosthetic products that represent exceptional quality, value and efficiency.

Pala Digital Dentures leverages innovative computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) dental technology to produce more accurate, comfortable dentures in record time. This allows you to save time and enhance productivity—seeing patients just twice—while increasing patient satisfaction.

About Kulzer

At Kulzer, we've been helping dentists provide exceptional care to patients for over 150 years, and have built our long reputation on developing innovative products to help create beautiful, healthy smiles. Our quality oral care products are preferred by leading dental professionals around the world.

The Kulzer mission is "Giving a Hand to Oral Health" and we take this to heart. From donating dental materials to restore a little girl's smile to hosting free annual dental clinics at our corporate office and donating a portion of our proceeds from all Venus White products to support breast cancer research, we believe in the power of healthy smiles to make a difference for real people every day.

* Please note pricing may be subject to change due to laboratory pricing. If you have questions on pricing, please consult with your laboratory partner.